This event has had to be postponed to 2022 Sorry for all those registered and interested in coming! We will notify you about the new dates as soon as we think that it is reasonably secure to run them. 


Participants will see experts in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases working up routine clinical lameness. The instructors will discuss their approaches, diagnosis and treatment options as they work up the cases. In addition, a third day will provide participants the opportunity to improve their own skills under the supervision of the experts! Continuous Professional The German Academy for Continuous Veterinary Education (Akademie für Tierärztliche Fortbildung) credits this course with 21 hours.

All Presentations are in English


Friday, November ???, 2022, practical work (Clinica Equina Chia)

  • 9:00 till 18:00 hours: Clinical lameness examination, radiographic and ultrasonographic evaluation of lameness in horses. Instructors: Sue Dyson, José M. Garcia-López and Ellen Singer
    We will work on real lameness cases. The day will be divided into three sessions of 120 minutes each. In each of the sessions a new case is presented, but the group of participants changes (so the participants get an opportunity to experience each of the instructors working); Horses will undergo routine clinical exam (including diagnostic anesthesia as necessary), radiography and ultrasound.

Saturday, November ???, 2022, case presentations (Clinica Equina Chia)

  • 9:00 to 18:00 hours: Each case worked from the day before will be presented. This will include images and history. Participants can comment on the diagnostic and treatment options will be discussed.
  • 18:00 hours: Fiesta and tejo-competition!

Sunday, November ???, 2022, wet labs (Clinica Equina Chia)

  • 9:00 hours: Further examination of selected cases seen on day 1 to refine diagnosis and implement treatment.
  • 12:30 hours: Lunch
  • 13:30 hours: Participants will work with the instructors to improve up to 2 of the skills in wet labs listed below (90 minutes / wet lab). Please select up to 3 of these wet labs: 1) Radiography shooting and reading; 2) Ultrasound imaging and reading; 3) Tendon and joint approaches for diagnostic anesthesia’s and treatments (cadaver limbs); 4); Flexion tests and evaluation of effect; 5) Else, please specify. The wet labs that will be run are chosen latest when early registration ends. Then participants will be asked about their more specific anatomical regions or physiotherapeutic methods of interest to individualize instruction.
  • 18:00 hours: End