Branded in 1993 in the Black Forest, Germany, while working for a research project, by those involved in the project: Alexandra Köster, Arno Lindner, Silvia Marti-Korff, Carmelo Murania, Matthias Sobotta, Peter von Wittke and Jutta Werkmann. The AGPferd is active since investigating predominantly how to performance diagnosis and train sport horses. Some of these persons are shown here in the pictures. Hopefully over time we will be able to have more of them displayed.

The work of the Arbeitsgruppe Pferd (AGPferd) would not have been and is not possible without the cooperation of many persons! We are very grateful for this! Some of them are shown in the following pictures.


In Esperanza (by no means a complete list): Eduardo Arn, Luciana Brero Alejandro Enrique, Ruben Mazzini, Jose Lucio Núñez, Raul Signorini, Jorge Vasallo

In La Plata (by no means a complete list): Federico Boffi, Veronica Botta, Violeta Ferreira, Ramón López, Marcos Muriel, Sebastian Sadaba


In Dracena: Katia de Oliveira

Strasbourg and Houdemoot

In Strasbourg and Houdemoot: Mathilde Valenchon and Odile Petit


In Morud: Sören Möller, Rikke Munk, Hedegaard Sommer


In Gießen: Hermann Sasse

In Hannover (by no means a complete list): Wolfgang Drommer, Manfred Coenen, Hans-Peter Sallmann

In Leipzig: Ulrich Hartmann


In Messina (by no means a complete list): Alberto Calatroni, Esterina Fazio, Adriana Ferlazzo, Alida Ferlazzo, Giampiero Medica


In Emmeloord (by no means a complete list): Astrid Bos


In Córdoba (by no means a complete list): Jose Luis López Rivero


In Davis: Eric Birks

In Pomona (by no means a complete list): Holly Greene, Steven Wickler