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Die Arbeitsgruppe Pferd ≈ Task Force Horse

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The photos are terrific. I had such a wonderful time doing this, thank you so much for inviting me. It was a wonderful experience!! Please be sure and share my email so participants can email me if cases come up.


Equine Eye Case Days 2019

Dear Arno, Thank you for an inspiring and brilliant course. As you can see, I’ve been thoroughly pleased. Could you please remind our instructors to give us a shopping list, so that we can get started? Kindest regards.


Equine Arthroscopy Days 2019

Habibi Arno, Thanks a lot for your hospitality. Thanks for the nice organization and the great speakers too. I appreciate how you do all of this. Thanks again. Wish to see you soon. All the best.


Equine Reproduction Days 2019

Lieber Arno, herzlichen Dank für die tolle Fortbildung. Die Theorie wurde auch direkt in die Praxis umgesetzt. Die nächste Belastungsendoskopie ging problemlos. Wir werden sicher im nächsten Jahr wieder bei einer Fortbildung dabei sein.

Kathrin und Julia

Equine Airways Days 2018

Dear Arno, Thank you so much for this fantastic course! It was amazing, magical and so well organized. Hope to see you soon in some other great course! Take care. Sincere greetings.


Equine Fascia Manipulation Days 2018

Thank you so much for some very nice days together. Excellent socially and educationally! Kindest regards.


Equine MR & CT Imaging Days 2018

Dear Arno, On my way back home, I just wanted to thank you for all your attentions and kindness. I really appreciate it, and also I wanted to let you know that I take home a very valuable information and new ideas, so I do not regret coming at all, on the top of being on crutches!!! Everybody has also been super kind to me and helpful, so I always felt very well looked after!! It has been an amazing experience and I hope to repeat it in the future. All the best!!


Equine Orthopaedic Case Days 2018

Dear Arno Thank you for a nice conference. I did really enjoy the subjects and the speakers did give a lot of personal experience and I felt that it gave me a broader perspective to my daily clinical work. Kind regards.


Equine Orthopedic Case Days 2018

Dear Arno Thank you for a great course. I will most likely go to some of the other courses that have been suggested for the next years. Best wishes.


Equine Reproduction Days 2018

Thank you Arno, The course was fantastic and I value everything that I learnt. I also enjoyed the socialising and the facilities at the clinic were outstanding. Thanks for your enthusiasm and dedication.


Equine Reproduction Days 2018









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> I hope that you are well! There we go, Round # 6 Wednesday, June 23 (18:00 hours Berlin, Germany, […]

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