March 29-31, 2019 Müggenhausen and Heimerzheim, Germany

In cooperation with Pferdeklinik Burg Müggenhausen

Participants will witness experts in the diagnosis and treatment of eye pathologies working up routine clinical cases. The instructors will discuss their approaches, diagnosis and treatment options as they proceed. On the third day ample opportunity is given to improve your own skills while working under the guidance of the experts! ATF accreditation will be seeked!


Friday, March 29, practical work (Equine Clinic, Weilerswist-Müggenhausen)

  • 9:00 – Clinical examination of cases with Stefan Gesell, Màrian Màtas Riera and Erica Tolar

We will work on horses with eye pathologies. The day will be divided into four sessions of 90 minutes each. In the first three sessions a new case is presented / session / instructor, but the group of participants changes, so the participants get an opportunity to experience each of the instructor’s routine clinical exam. The fourth 90 minutes session will be devoted to further examine cases already presented as deemed necessary, show special diagnostic techniques and discuss treatment options.

  • 18:00 – End

Saturday, March 30, case presentations (Hotel Weidenbrück)

  • 9:00 – Each case worked from the day before will be presented. This will include photos, eventually videos and history. Participants can comment on the diagnostic and treatment options. Diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions (types of medication with dosage and frequency) will be discussed.

Thereafter, the following topics will be lectured:

  • Managing cornea disease medically
  • Managing cornea disease surgically
  • Vitrectomy
  • Phacoemulsification
  • Nictitans membrane surgery and eyelid surgeries, such as lacerations repair
  • Fungal keratitis
  • 18:00 – End

Sunday, March 31, Workshops (Equine clinic Burg Müggenhausen)

  • 8:30 – Participants will work with Stefan Gesell, Màrian Màtas Riera and Erica Tolar

to improve skills selected. Please indicate when registering the order of your preferences.

  • 13:30 – Lunch
  • 14:30 – Continue work.
  • 17:00 – End