May 24, June 14, July 12 and September 13, 2021

Participants will witness the experience and knowledge of experts in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiological pathologies of horses to set-up, run and evaluate electrocardiograms. Dominique DeClercq, Mary Durando, Lesley Young and Inge Wijnberg will discuss their approaches, diagnosis and prognosis of findings and treatment options as they proceed.

The German Academy for Continuous Veterinary Education (ATF) credits each webinar for 2 hours! This holds for the participants that will view the livestream only. After a webinar, the participants shall send an email to stating that she / he did view the webinar. Then I can add to the certificate of attendance the credited hours of ATF only.

ATF does not credit the hours of CPE to those of you registered for the webinar but viewing the records after the webinar only. The records will be available at request one time for viewing following a livestream.


1st webinar, May 24: Resting ECG for practitioners

  • Normal ECG, include basic physiology. what should be looked after, interpretation.
  • What equipment should be used and how to get a good trace? Televet, GA monitor, Alivecor, wearables, halters, when is which best?
  • Examples of normal rhythms, physiologic arrhythmias, artifacts, use of multiple leads, etc.

2nd webinar, June 14: Resting ECG for practitioners

  • How to diagnose arrhythmias?
  • Characteristics of the different arrhythmias: Sinoatrial blocks, ventricular premature complexes, etc.
  • When are the arrhythmias of concern during a pre-purchase exam or a poor performer?
  • Case examples.

3rd webinar, July 12: Exercise ECG for practitioners

  • How to analyze your exercise ECG?
  • Abnormal ECG readings (rest, exercise and post-exercise)?
  • Case examples: Post-exercise sinus arrhythmia. APC’s during exercise, JVC´s during exercise, accelerate idioventricular rhythm, VPCs associated with AF, etc.

4th webinar, September 13: Cases

Case presentations with multiple ECGs including exercise, repeat exams and/or treatment and general discussion. Participants that have attended the three other webinars can submit beforehand their own cases with history, clinical exam results and ECG´s which will be evaluated during this session too.